Wua Tanu Paya Saen Kam - Nuea Samrit (Sacred Bronze Artifact Alloys) - Pra Ajarn Dataecharangsri

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The Wua Tanu is made from 'Nuea Samrit (Bronze) smelted into an alloy from various Sacred Artifacts and Yantra Foil Spells. Sacred Earths and Powders are inserted within the Wua Tanu, which has been given Re-Animation Spells, Invocations and Empowerments using the correct Ancient methods according to the Thousand Year Old Lanna Wicha. Both the 32 Components and the Four Elements have been Invoked within the Wua Tanu effigies, and Meditative Empowerments were made upon  the Wua Tanu each Night in the Kuti during the Rainy season to increase the Merit and Power of the Wua Tanu before final Taewapisek Empowerment at the end of the Rainy Retreat.

The Looksit of Pra Ajarn Dtecharangsri have already begun to return to the Temple with Tales of Positive Results from this Edition of Wua Tanu, in Guarding the House and Belongings from Thieves and Burglary, Protecting against Black Magic and Evil Forces.

Entering the House;

When you take the Wua Tanu into the House, hold the Wua Tanu Backwards and take it into the House through the Door in reverse position. Light Incense and Inform the Local Spirits of the Wua Tanu being a new member of the Household. Apart from being a Powerful Guardian against Theft or Invaders, and Protecting from Black Magic and Sorcery, the Wua Tanu can put an End to family Disagreements or Arguing within the Household.


Give Water and Straw,Hay or Grass, or if special can also give an apple. Grass is the best offering.

Kata Wua Tanu

(always chant 'Namo Dtassa pakawadto Arahadto Samputtassa' 3 times before any other Kata)

Then Chant the Hnun Taat See (Invocation of the four elements)

Na Ma Na A – Nor Gor Na Ga – Gor Or Nor A – Na A Ga Ang (3 times)

Om Kono Kono Wua Tanu Gao Pan Waa Saay Dtaa Gao Pan Muay Tiaw Plaay Duay Tuk Kam Chao Bpen Jao Gae Fhoong Phii Tang Hlaay Puudt Phii lae Phii Prai Chin Hai Dtaay Ya Hai La Thoi Ju Lai Ju Sitti Puttang Sitti Tammang Sitti Sangkang Sitti Swaaha Pa Ta Na Ma

Kata Wua Tanu Tong

Om Kho No Kho No – Wua Tanoo Gao Pan Nork Saay Rort Gao Panwaa Saay Dtaa – Gao Pan Muay Tiaw Bpraay Duay Tuk Kam Shao Bpen Jao Gae Foong Phii Tang Hlaay – Phuudt Phii – Phii Prai Chon Hai Dtaay Yaa Dai Laa Thoy Joo Lai Joo Sitti Puttang Sitti Tammang Sitti Sangkang Sitti Swaaha

Traditional method of using Wua Tanu and Worship methods

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