Yaam Daeng Na Mae Dti Maha Sap (Red Velvet Monk's Bag for Wealth and Treasures) - 'Jong Samrej' Edition 2555 BE - Luang Phu Hongs

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The 'Yaam' is the linen shoulder bag seen carried by Buddhist Monks on their travels and on Alsm Rounds. On Als Round, there are so many Devotees giginv alms, that the Monks must use the Yaam bags to empty their full Almsbowls into, and carry, in  order to complete the alms round. The Yaam is a receptacle that always ends up full. The Yaam and its Empowerment for this edition of amulets from LP Hongs, is to carry with you to attract MOney and Treasures, Gifts and Windfalls. Can be used to place Money inside, and used as a purse.

Can be used to place offerings in, keeping the Yaam on the altar, and later donate the accumulated contents to a temple, or give alms to Monks. This will automatically bring many more times the wealth back into the business or household. If this happens, you should then once more add money to the Yaam on the altar and increase donations at the same rate that your wealth increases.

The Yaam has the image of the face of Luang Phu Hongs on it, and some Sacred Khom Agkhara Spells for Maha Lap and Pokasap

This edition saw The Yaam Daeng Red Velvet Monks bag for Riches, some 'Grich' (spirit knife), Loi Ongk Roop Lor (small statuettes of LP Hongs), See Pheung Sariga (Metta Balm/Lip Gloss), Nam Man Sariga Metta (with hand carved Ivory Sairga Birds), some coin amulets, Brahma Wands, Sacred bangles, and a beautiful Bucha statue in Sacred Bronze (samrit Rom dam) of Luang Phu Hongs in standing posture.

Puttapisek Blessing was performed on the 2nd May 2555 BE

The funds raised from this edition will go to the construction of the Prasat Paetch Pipitapant Mausoleum.

The Metal based and powder based amulets of this edition had a very rich and sacred mixture of 'Chanuan Muan Sarn' (Sacred Metal artifacts) as a metallic alchemical base.


Muan Sarn used for amulets in this edition; Rang Sariga (Sariga Bird Nest), Thao wan Hlong (rare magic vine from the deepest jungle), Pong Ruam (various saced powders), all editions of Pra Khun Phaen from LP Honogs previous editions powdered up, olf Pra Kring and Metal amulets from various editions of LP Hongs, Yantra Foils, 'Khaw Gon badtr' (dried rice from bottom of Monk's alms bowl), Wan Gesorn (108 type of pollens and herbal powders), and powder amulets from every single edition Luang Phu ever made.

Read about all amulets in this edition - click here; 'Run Jong Samrej - Luang Phu Hongs 2555 BE'

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