Yoni Mae Gamnerd - Erotic Transformation of Kali - Sacred Love Charm - Pong Prai 59 Dton + Pong Saneh Ya Faed - Ajarn Akaradech

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The Yoni Maha Gamnerd amulet is made from 59 Maha Phuudt Ghost Powders Mixed with Pong Saneh Ya Faed, one of Khmer Necromantic Sorcery's most powerful Maha Sanaeh powders. This Kama Sutra amulet is effective for both Heterosexual Males and Females, as well as being very effective for Gay and Heterosexual Females.

The Yoni Mae Gamnerd is a bery powerful Aphrodisiac and Attraction Charm with ultra high Maha Saneh magic, made using a thousand year old formula, found in the Grimoire of Spells, using 1000 year old Sacred Prai Powders from the Khmer Kingdom, 'Pong Saw Sam Moo Ban Kin Nam Bor Diawgan', a Sacred Maha Sanaeh powder whose name means 'ladies of three villages drinking water from the same well', which implies the ability to possess many lovers at the same time. Pong Maha Phuudt Pan Dton (powders of a thousand Hoeng Prai ghosts), Pong Nang Prai Dtaay Tang Glom (Bone powders, Prai Oils and funeral ashes of a Kumarn and Mother), Powders of a Prai Ghost died on a Saturday and cremated on a Tuesday, Pong Prai Kumarn and Pong Look Krok, Prai powders of a two headed Look Krok.

Yoni Maha Gamnerd Kama Sutra Vulva amulet

Earths from 7 cemeteries, earths from the mouth of a grave of a Phii Dtaay Tang Glom, Ashes from the cremated bones of 59 Hoeng Prai Ghosts, Pong Dek Jom Nam Dtaay (ashes from a cremation of a corpse that drowned to death), Nam Man Chang Pasom Khloeng (Mating Elephant oil), and many Prai Herbal ingredients such as Wan Taep ramjuan, Wan Kruea Khao Hlong, Wan Dork Tong. Holy woods such Mai Ga Fak Rak, Mai Ga Hlong, Mai Mayom, Ton Rak Sorn, Dork Heun Haay Phii, and Wan Salika Lin Tong.

The Yoni is a Dark Arts Occult Charm that does not require wearing above the waist, and can be worn close to the Private Parts, for increased effectiveness. It is, despite common belief, not only for Ladies to use, but can also be used by Men, just as well. The Yoni uses the most ancient and primitive method of attraction and enchantment, that of mother nature, by working on the Libido, and also emanating the aura of 'Being in Heat', a spell which is strengthened by the Nam Man Chang Pasom Khloeng (Mating Elephants in Heat) Oil.

You can ask for most wishes to attract and convince your intended lover, and should not find yourself doing without for any long periods of time with the Yoni. The Yoni is of course also the female symbolic counterpart of the male Phallic Lingam, which represent Shiva (Lingam) and Kali/Parvati (Yoni), The Yoni as an animist occult charm however, has existed outside of Hinduism and Buddhism too, as a Magical Charm of Purely Animist Nature.

Yoni amulet

This amulet can thus be used and [rayed to in different ways depending on which meanings you wish to attribute to the amulet, according to what your spirit tells ypu fits with your own sense of Faith and Inspiration. For it is your own Faith and Inspiration, which shall play a large part in the power of the Yoni being able to assist in making the aura you (and all of us) emanate, to have the right auric blend of color, mood and mix of callidity and coolness to both sooth and excite in the correct proportions, in order to succeed in inciting lust and attraction, but also to instill faith and confidence in your genuine and non-absusive intentions towards the person being charmed.

This will increase the willingness of the subject and preparedness to take the leap and risk opening the tender hear we all have inside, but which most of us have to hide away protected, for fear of the loss of heart wchich comes when one has been decieved in love and mutual trust, that is expected in a true loving relationship.

Special Prai Necromantic Ingredients, and Ancient Khmer Necromantic Invocations were used in the making and empowering of the powders, for the empowerment of the amulet to reach the ultra rapidly effective and successful magic, that is exclusively attributed to the hardcore Khmer Necromantic Sorcery Spells that use the Prai Hian, Hoeng Prai, Kumarn Tong, and Maha Phuudt types of Invocations to summon psychically highly powered spirits from the Limbo realms. The spirits are then conversed with, and offer the sealing of spiritual pacts.

Kroo Rasi Akaradech

These pacts are made to the spirits, to offer a mutually beneficial deal, for the Prai Ghosts to enter the amulets, to help humans with their immensely powerful psychic powers, by reducing their toils and troubles, debts and poverty, and thus also gain merit to escape the limbo and eventually be able to move on to the next life, or celestial realm, to continue their spiritual journey towards whatever the final goal may be.

Kata Bucha Yoni Maha Gamnerd

Om Yoni Yona Leungka Idti Ileungka Yo Na Yee I Dti Bpi I-I

Chant 12 Times

โอม โยนี โยนะ ลึงคะ อิติ อิลึงคะ โยนะยี อิติปี อิอิ

สวด 12หน

Yoni Maha Gamner Kroo rasi Akaradech

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