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Buddha Magic (Puttasart), is a form of Occult Practice in Thailand, perhaps comparable to the Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism in the sense, that Magical Ritual is used along with spell casting (Incantations and Evocations in the form of Chanting), and Sacred Geometry design for inscription of magical spells (known in Thai as ‘Yant’). ‘Saiyasart’ is Purely Occult, and can be white gray or black magic, but Puttasart (Buddha Magic), is solely focused on using Buddhist Sutras, Auspicious Blessings, White Magic for Healing, and Invocations of Auspicious and Compassionate Deities and Powers.

If a Yant Design for example, uses purely Buddhist Sutras for the inscriptions, and Buddha Images, or transmits a Dhamma Teaching within its design, or auspicious blessing or prayer of reverence to Buddha, then is it ‘Puttasart’, or ‘Buddha Magic‘. Whereas, if the Inscriptions contain inauspicious, rude, or spells aimed at personal gain or control over others, with or against their will, then it is to be classified as ‘Saiyasart’ (Sorcery). All forms of Occult Sorcery, Necromancy, and Auspicious Buddha Magic can be found practiced to this day in Thailand, but many of the more ancient traditions, and specific methods used by various lineages, such as the  many lineages and cultures of the Thai Lanna Northern Hilltribe Sorcery traditions, are slowly becoming lost to human memory. For this reason, Ajarn Spencer Littlewood decided to try to translate and reveal as much about Thai Buddha Magic and Occult Sorcery, Animism, necromancy, Amulet making and empowerment, and Thai Buddhist Traditions, Beliefs, Practices and Rituals, for posterity, and to give those who follow after him a base of study to continue his work after his death, in the hope it will continue to be preserved and expanded upon.

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