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The Buddha Magic Project is the Creation of Ex Buddhist Monk, Lersi Hermit Practitioner, and Thai Occult Author Ajarn Spencer Littlewood. Ajarn Spencer is an Anthropologist and Linguist (and Ex Tattooist), who is immensely introverted and introspective person, who seeks solitude at all times. Ajarn Spencer Littlewood is Primarily focused in his personal investigation of Evolutionary Cross-referenced Sciences. Ajarn Spencer Littlewood's Main Project for the eventual Unification of the various niche topic channels into one single Multimedia Channel, which we now know as Buddha Magic TV. Ajarn Spencer Littlewood was the author of the Sak Yant Buddhist Tattoos Ebook, and the subsequent series of E-zines which followed, and still continue to be published at intervals, as the Buddha Magic Ezine Series.

About the Buddha Magic Project

About the Buddha Magic Project

Buddha Magic TV Provides both Free and Paid Multimedia for Fans of the Thai Occultism Niche. Buddhist Rituals and Ceremonies, Kata Chanting, Myths and Fables, Gods and Devas, Thai Buddhist Amulets, Animist Sorcery, Black Magick and Necromancy, Khmer Sanskrit Script, Sacred Geometry of Yant, Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos, Thai Ramakien, Sacred Botany.

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Articles, Videos, Podcasts, all about Thai Buddha Magic and Thai Occultism on the Buddha Magic Blog. You can learn about the sacred substances used in sacred powder making, magic herb garden, Kata Chanting, Buddhist Master Monk Biographies, Occult Rituals, Animist Beliefs, Sacred Amulets, Khom Akom Sanskrit Script, Sak Yant, and a host of other Thai Buddhism and Occult related Topics