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The Buddha Magic Ebook series, was born as an idea after the E-book ‘Sak Yant Buddhist Tattoos’, written by by Cultural and Spiritual Anthropologist, Ajarn Spencer Littlewood was released, and had an immense number of interested readers. The Sak Yant Thai Buddhist Tattoos E-book, and the subsequent series of Buddha Magic Ezines, were all self composed and self published by Ajarn Spencer, whose experience as a tattoo artist, Hermetic Occultist since his youth, ex Buddhist Monk of the Thai Forest Tradition, later Thai Lersi Hermit, and a devout Buddhist, led him to begin a decades long quest, which would lead him into the inner sanctums of Thai Buddha Magic, and the Samnak Sak Yant, which he has studied, documented and indeed also practiced throughout his apprenticeship to Magic. His various Ebooks found in the Buddha Magic store, are the result to date of his Published Knowledge. In addition, we also have both digital and hard goods type Publications such as paperback and hardback books in Thai language on Sacred Yantra and Buddha Magic available from time to time, when we are able to find such rare publications.